Welcome to the OSDL project

The OSDL project has for goal to provide a free portable high-level open-source library for multimedia and game programming.

OSDL is a C++ framework based upon low level graphical backends, notably for all the most usual platforms on Sam Lantinga's SDL, which means Simple DirectMedia Library (and its helper libraries), and on other platforms (mainly the Nintendo DS) on some custom-made developments. OSDL stands thus for Objet-oriented Simple DirectMedia Library.

Note also that Orge, the Erlang-based server-side game logic, is a part of OSDL.

The OSDL library is released under a disjunctive bi-license LGPL/GPL (choose the one that you prefer).

OSDL makes use of the Ceylan library, the place where we gathered all generic developments (read: not specifically game-related) that were needed.

At first, most people are primarily interested in the homepage of the latest OSDL release, in screenshots, then in the OSDL API, finally in the recommended way of getting OSDL, which is a tool named LOANI.

We advise you to look at the column we named Documentation, since some articles about game creation lie there.

Creation of video games is a too interesting subject to be left only in the hands of professionals.
Let's enjoy hobbyist game programmin' as well!

Important information: we created, back in autumn 2003, a small club for video games creation, all details available here (web section only in French)
Important: nous avons monté il y a un bout de temps (automne 2003) un petit club de réalisation de jeux vidéo, il est ouvert à tous ! [Plus d'infos]

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Last update: Monday, October 1, 2012